Welcome to the No Leavers Club!

Currently the bot is not active.

This is for folks who are constantly annoyed by the leavers during booster drafts on XMage. There's a bot NoLeaversClub running that watches the finished matches and invites people to the club. Here's the 4 steps guide you can follow:

  1. Finish a booster draft without leaving. The bot will whisper you a token, that looks like 0rt9.
  2. You whisper the token to the bot, by typing \whisper NoLeaversClub 0rt9 in your chat window. The bot will whisper you back the password you should use, that looks like 8retqw. The password is refreshed every day, so make sure to get the latest one.
  3. Use the password (in this example, 8retqw) to join or to create games. When creating a game, do not forget to include No Leavers Club to the title, so that other members can identify it.
  4. Play your games without leavers!

Here's the explanation of why the procedure is a bit complicated. XMage doesn't require any authentication for logins, so there needs to be an additional step before getting the password.

Bonus: over the course of implementing the bot I got to implement a leaderboard for drafters. Have fun!